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your girls, gorgeous as always! did they love that gelato?


What beautiful girlies!!! and congrats on the house progress!


What a journey! I'm still going at it the natural way... and I'm also a Virgo! Your babies are beautiful!

Holly Dickinson

It has been so long (too long) since I came to your site as my past year has been more than crazy! Your girls are ADORABLE and so, so precious. I am so happy for you and you sound so happy. I am so glad I checked in here. Good luck with trying for #3. You are a brave one. After 5 fresh IVF's plus numerous failed IUI's etc. I just don't think I have it in me to try again although I would love a 3rd.

On another note, we built a new house a couple years ago (with a 2 yo and me pregnant with ds from IVF #5) and got green certified. Not sure if this counts towards that but since you mentioned countertops, I CANNOT say enough good things about quartz coutertops (Caesar Stone, Silestone etc.).

Take care and will check in here from time to time to see how those lovely girls grow!


Hey you - where ya been? I've been checking. What, do you have a life or something? :)



I keep checking but no one is home. Please post! We miss you!


Gorgeous girls! Really,they are adorable.

Okay, are you really thinking of taking them to Disney though? This March?


the babies are adorable - I guess they are not babies anymore!

Thank you for your congrats on our blog!!
Hope you keep bloggin!

chris george

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