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Too cute!


Love the bonnets! And all the other pix too. More please...


OMG they are so TALL!!!! And look so gorgeous in their Easter finery!

Thank you for sharing - they are so lovely, and it sounds like it was a wonderful, ham-filled day!!!


Bock bock!*

Your girls are adorable! What sweet pictures. (They really do look tall.) LOVE love love the dresses and the hats look just fine with them.

We had snow on Easter, too. What's up with that?!?

Can't seem to find your phone number, but I've been wanting to call you -- it's been way too long. I know I have it somewhere...


*Cadbury comercial from way back when: "Thank you Easter Bunny. Bock bock. Remember?


hiya! nice to find your blog -- thank you for stopping by mine, I'm looking forward to reading yours

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