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I'm always interested and wished you blogged more. I'm also hoping we can hang out in the spring. This winter has been sick, literally, for all of us. Constant runny noses, etc, and I don't believe in passing along the love. Hopefully we can talk soon.


I may not always comment, but I do always read. I read through bloglines though so unless I click through to leave a comment, I won't show up in the stats.


Wow, D really has long projects! All your reasons sound eminently sensible. Still reading, I'm not going anywhere.


I'm always here sister. Keep posting.


Hey you, I'm still listening!!! Post when you can, and live your life in the meantime. We all understand:)

House project sounds cool!!


We want more house projects stuff!! Keep on going....still here.


I'm still here- or newly here anyway. I only started reading in the last few months or so. I know, stupid me, I missed all the excitement. Anyway, my twins are almost exactly six months younger than yours, so I like hearing about what they are up to. And I'm very curious about the green house. We just built a house, but alas, didn't have it together enough to insist on all things green. But we combined 2 households (my mom's & ours) into one, so maybe we get points for reducing our carbon footprint? :)

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