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HaPpY BiRtHdAy Babies!! Looks like a FUN party! Hope you had a wonderful day.

Thanks for posting all the adorable pictures, Mom. It's great to see how they've grown.



Happy Birthday!


happy birthday gorgeous girls!


Happy birthday to your beautiful girls!


Happy days! Thanks for sharing all the great pix.


Cuuuute!! Happy birthday girls!


Wow, a year goes by fast, doesn't it? The girls are beautiful!

Stacie (The Twinkies)

Happy Birthday to You (Two)
Happy Birthday to You (Two)
Happy Birthday Dear Babies
Happy Birthday to You!


Oh, L, what a wonderful year, and what lovely pics to memorialize. I loved looking at all of them.

And happy birthday to your beautiful, beautiful girls. It's only the beginning of the wonder, my friend!


hot damn!!! look there's an update!!!! and what gorgeous pics. wow. i can't beleive its been a year. that means we met just over a year ago! i remember when we met you had a hard time typing because of carpal tunnel. ahhh, time flies. and now its MY turn!!!! can't wait to tell you my miracle is here!

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

You have wonderful twins. ^_^

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